Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Human Resource Management Skill

Human Resource is the backbone of any organization. They are the moving ambassadors of the company as well as the reason for the company to produce better results at a competitive sphere. So, it can undoubtedly be considered that success of the organization to a large extent depend on the skill and abilities of the employees and the quality of the output they produce. The human resource department is particularly involved in this concern with the intention to recruit talented staffs for company benefits. All these make human resource one of the most demanding subject areas for the students of MBA. The course aimed in making the students a manager who can control the employees and take care of their requirements.
Human resource management guides the students to master the skill of handling manpower through practical and theoretical knowledge. It covers a number of tasks which include searching eligible candidates, fixing dates for interviews, knowing the skills they have, checking the background and gathering other such information, implementing welfare policies for the employees, counseling employees on their career, etc. Resource development is another task of a HR which monitors the work and progress of a worker. It includes special training,assessment and even studying performance for providing appraisal, promotion and other such amenities.Sorting the salaries of the employees, tracking the leave applications, giving bonuses, etc. are also the tasks of HR.
Analytical and quantitative skills are some of the other key requirements of HR. They should have a hold over communication and have an ability to make the employees understand processes and procedures in an organization. They should even know the norms of local and federal legislation. Even HR must have the skill to translate the numerical data into comprehensible English. The MBA colleges in Kolkata and elsewhere put an emphasis on these aspects because without these qualities, a HR cannot deal or communicate with the employees coming from different background.
Whether it is about the business environment or working procedures, HR needs to have an eye on everything and competency level should be excellent. They must ensure that workers would be provided with safety at work and every other requirement at office shall be maintained. With rising number of businesses, the necessity of human resource management skill is increasing day by day.
Being a service based economy the value of HR is in high demand. Therefore, managing the resources of business comes as the first priority. They need to chalk out strategies for easy functioning that can satisfy the workers. In other words, it can even be stated that HR has the responsibility to maintain integrity and stability in the working environment.
Unquestionably, this is a challenging task where the HR department balances between the organizational goal as well as the needs of the workers. They have to make choices while implementing strategies that are beneficial for the organization and at the same time provide the workers the opportunities that they deserve.
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