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1. An impulse turbine
(A) Makes use of a draft tube
(B) Always operates submerged
(C) Converts the pressure head into velocity
head through the vanes
(D) Is most suited for low head installations
2. Power required to drive a centrifugal
pump is directly proportional to
(A) Diameter of its impeller
(B) Square of diameter of its impeller
(C) Cube of diameter of its impeller
(D) Fourth power of diameter of its
3. The locus of the common point on the
two meshing spur gears is known as
(A) Addendum circle
(B) Duodenum circle
(C) Pitch circle
(D) Base circle
4. When there is a reduction in amplitude
over every cycle of vibration then the body
is said to have
(A) Free vibration
(B) Forced vibration
(C) Damped vibration
(D) Natural vibration
5. For machining at high speed the tool
material should have
(A) Wear resistance
(B) Red hardness
(C) Toughness
(D) All of these
6. MIG welding is
(A) A gas welding process
(B) An electric resistance welding process
(C) A electric resistance welding process
(D) A forge welding process involving high
temperatures and low pressures
7. The ability of sand to permit the metal to
shrink when it solidifies is known is
(A) Plasticity (B) Permeability
(C) Collapsibility (D) Cohesiveness
8. Rivets are generally specified by
(A) Overall length
(B) Shank diameter
(C) Thickness of plates to be jointed
(D) Diameter of head
9. Which of the following is steady flow
(A) Reciprocating compressor
(B) Centrifugal compressor
(C) Voot blower
(D) Vane blower
10. A closed cycle gas turbine works on
(A) Carnot cycle (B) Rankine cycle
(C) Brayton cycle (D) Joule cycle
11. Thermal conductivity of solid metals
(A) Decreases with rise in temperature
(B) Does not vary with temperature
(C) Increases with rise in temperature
(D) Remains constant with rise in
12. During adiabatic saturation process, air
property which remains constant, is known
(A) Wet bulb temperature
(B) Dry bulb temperature
(C) Relative humidity
(D) Specific humidity
13. Bell-Coleman cycle as applied to
refrigeration operates
(A) On open air system
(B) On vapour compression system
(C) On vapour absorption system
(D) On none of these
14. The gears in which axes of the shaft
connected by them, intersect, are known as
(A) Spur gears (B) Bevel gears
(C) Spiral gears (D) Gear train
15. Shot peening
(A) Is done at re-crystallization temperature
(B) Changes the crystalline structure at
(C) Improves the fatigue life of small parts
(D) Refines the grain structure
16. In a bomb calorimeter the heat released
by the fuel is absorbed by
(A) Atmospheric air
(B) Water
(C) Metal container
(D) Bomb, water and metal container
17. Nitriding is done
(A) On low carbon steels only
(B) To impart blue colour to steels
(C) To improve machinability
(D) To increase surface hardness
18. The extent of cold work that a metal can
withstand depends on
(A) Purity of metal
(B) Carbon percentage
(C) Ductility
(D) Room temperature
19. Which engine has the highest air fuel
(A) Petrol engine (B) Gas engine
(C) Diesel engine (D) Gas turbine
20. Annealing of steels is done to
(A) Remove internal stresses
(B) Produce soft core under hard surface
(C) Produce hard core under soft surface
(D) Introduce capacity to withstand shocks

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